Hannah Presence Yoga


I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph for the very talented Hannah Presence Yoga in March.
Fantastic day of yoga, self-care & crystals. Highly recommend Hannah if you are looking for a yoga teacher. She has over 500+ hours of training, and is highly skilled in her knowledge of the body & how it works. She also has trained in rehabilitation yoga - something that I have benefited from immensely, after having reoccurring shoulder pain for years, her yoga practice has changed my life! Not only is she incredibly gifted at her work, but she is also a lovely person to be around - happy, funny, kind, thoughtful & intuitive. Find her on Instagram: hannahpresence


A brave new you.

Have a look at the brilliant https://www.brave-new-you.com who have created an amazing company which supports YoungMinds with purchases from their clothing range, but also has coaching courses & a great blog in the 'Tribe' section. They have a meet up at the ME Hotel on April 30th 10-12 which I'm going along to & can't wait! ❤️ Follow on Instagram: bravenewyoutribe & bravenewyouapparel 

"Brave New Girl finds freedom when her children fly the nest, but then, feeling lonely sends out messages to cheer herself up & suddenly she finds herself surrounded by like-minded souls who lift her up , and together as a tribe they fly off to an exciting future. It’s a little like how Brave New You Apparel & Tribe came into existence."

"Lou Hamilton and Meredith Hepner-Chapman work with Brave New girl to celebrate how you can transform fear into courage & create a Brave New You."

Inspirational Women

So overwhelmed to be included in this blog about Inspirational Woman by Elle Moss at Drew London. https://drewlondon.co.uk/general/behold-inspirational-women A huge thank you to Elle for writing such lovely words. Elle has always been such an inspiration to me, so to be included in this post meant the world! Have a look at Drew London and the work they do @drewldn. Elle is currently mentoring young graphic designers at a programme in Iraq. Follow her stories @elle_moss_ on Instagram. You will LOVE her.

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What is your WHY?

I have been reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek at the moment. I think it's so important to revisit WHY you created your business. I was chatting at the weekend regarding photography & how the business is going. As a photographer you have times that are quieter than others. I was explaining how photography is a 'luxury investment' for many people, especially in such demanding times. However, the more I thought about it, I'm not going to say that again. Photography should be a necessity. It has always been my WHY of my business. I have always loved photographs & instinctively knew how important it was from a young age. Take hundreds of photos, never stop. Have your family photographed, because time goes past so very quickly. There are lots of excuses not to have photographs taken, but when something is important make it your priority. There is never a 'perfect' time to have photographs taken. There will always be other things to do on a weekend, there are always other things to pay for, but time is always moving forward. It's not waiting for your 'perfect time'. Photography transports us back to good times, reminds us of what we have achieved, experienced & most importantly of who we were & who we are.


Hiring a studio for your business branding shoot.

Need a Brand Shoot for your business? It is becoming more & more popular these days to hire a specific studio to photograph your brand. When you choose the right space to photograph your business, it can add so much more to the look & feel of your brand photos. There are lots of perfect studios to hire for exactly what you need to get perfect photos for your business. From the minimal with brick walls & lots of light, to beautiful kitchen & lounge studios which give a stunning backdrop for images for your website... as an example, have a look at https://studiohire.com for more ideas. They have some beautiful locations ❤️ (photo credit: Studio Hire)


Candlelight Project 2019

The National Portrait Gallery is one of my favourite places in London. The portraits that they hold from The Tudors all the way to the present day are mind blowing. What really stands out to me was that a lot of the painters would have used candlelight to be able to work. It made me think that a interesting project would be to try and recreate this using photography. Although, yes, it’s going to be v hard since the camera loves light. I started photographing my own daughter & it didn’t go terribly - however, there is candle wax on my backdrop & I realised how careful you need to be with fire! On the positive side, it really makes you think about where the light needs to be placed - specifically to light the face - & obviously the settings on your camera. A few lessons learnt from this first attempt & ready for the next sitting…