What is your WHY?

I have been reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek at the moment. I think it's so important to revisit WHY you created your business. I was chatting at the weekend regarding photography & how the business is going. As a photographer you have times that are quieter than others. I was explaining how photography is a 'luxury investment' for many people, especially in such demanding times. However, the more I thought about it, I'm not going to say that again. Photography should be a necessity. It has always been my WHY of my business. I have always loved photographs & instinctively knew how important it was from a young age. Take hundreds of photos, never stop. Have your family photographed, because time goes past so very quickly. There are lots of excuses not to have photographs taken, but when something is important make it your priority. There is never a 'perfect' time to have photographs taken. There will always be other things to do on a weekend, there are always other things to pay for, but time is always moving forward. It's not waiting for your 'perfect time'. Photography transports us back to good times, reminds us of what we have achieved, experienced & most importantly of who we were & who we are.